How to Make Big Mac Sushi

Weird and wonderful variations of sushi are becoming increasingly popular at restaurants and sushi bars, and it was just a matter of time before someone decided to turn a cheeseburger into sushi. In this video, watch as Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada takes a Big Mac and demonstrates how to make Big Mac sushi from it.

Whilst sushi is traditionally viewed as a healthy meal (at least, when compared to what is available at most fast food restaurants) the Big Mac sushi is admittedly not the healthiest variation of sushi out there. We must admit, though, that it certainly does look better than a traditional Big Mac…

Woolworths slavery mannequins cause a stir

Woolworths slavery mannequinsA display at Woolworths has raised eyebrows and created a stir on social media. Dubbed the Woolworths slavery mannequins display, the display features a group of dark-skinned mannequins who are roped together and appear to be a group of black slaves.

Many people took to social media, criticising the Woolworths slavery mannequins display and using the hashtag #woolworthsmustfall, being a play on the hashtag #feesmustfall which became popular in the context of recent university fees protests around South Africa.

Woolworths has claimed that the public has misinterpreted the display, and that the display was incorrectly assembled and incomplete, as the ‘rope’ between the mannequins was intended to be a support for Christmas globes and baubles.

Woolworths has since attempted to do damage control by removing the offending display and publishing the following statement:

Hi everyone

We apologise for the distress caused by an incorrectly assembled RE: in-store installation.

At the start of any campaign, our stores are taken through the creative direction for installations via a ‘model store’ set up. This festive season’s installation is supposed to hold Christmas baubles suspended off ropes, being supported by the mannequins. One store implemented the installation incorrectly, using the rope without the Christmas baubles.

The mannequins used in RE: displays are made from recycled materials which is why they are naturally grey in colour; they don’t represent a particular race.

As soon as we became aware of the error yesterday afternoon we contacted the relevant team to make sure the mistake was corrected as soon as possible. The offending display is now fixed.

BDS Pharrell Protest

A historic Historic BDS Pharrell Protest is taking place in Cape Town today, in reaction to the Pharrell Williams concert scheduled at Grand West Casino to promote Woolworths.

The protest is set to be 40 000 strong, and is set to be the biggest protest action against a musician in South African history.

The protest was given the green light when the Western Cape High Court ruled in favour of allowing the protest to continue over the weekend.

BDS has been spearheading a campaign against Woolworths using Israel-based suppliers of products, in order to persuade Woolworths to join the global movement to impose sanctions and boycotts against Israel.

BDS, which stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, is a movement against Israel’s policies relating to Palestine and the Palestinian people which BDS describes as Israeli Apartheid.

A long-running campaign has been taking place throughout South Africa for many months, in terms of which members of the public have been called upon to boycott Woolworths by not purchasing any of their products, in order to persuade Woolworths to drop their relationships with their Israel-based suppliers.

In response, Woolworths have stood firm and insisted on continuing to use their existing Israeli suppliers.

If BDS has its way, the concert, which is aimed at generating valuable publicity for Woolworths’ brand, will backfire by spreading the message that Woolworths should be boycotted until a decision is taken to cease using Israel-based suppliers.

Clive Naidoo vs Laurencia Shitlhelana

Clive Naidoo, a motorist who allegedly drove through a red robot, has become a household name overnight, following his hilarious altercation with JMPD officer Laurencia Shitlhelana which he recorded using his cell phone and uploaded on the internet.

The video, which received in excess of 500 000 views within a couple of days, shows Shitlhelana having a discussion with Naidoo, during which both of them exchange insults.

Shitlhelana is clearly not phased by the camera rolling, stating that she is happy that he is recording her using an Apple phone because she always wanted to be famous and the phone will record her in high quality.

When Naidoo informs Shitlhelana that he is paying her salary through his tax money and therefore that she works for him, she asks him for a pay raise, and when he informs her that he lives in Bloubosrand, she remarks that it is amusing that someone who pays her salary, lives in a suburb that is less prestigious than the one in which she lives (being Cosmo City).

Naidoo also remarks at various points in the video that he is in a hurry to get somewhere and requests her to hurry up with writing his fine up, and in response, she clearly takes her time in doing so in order to frustrate him further.

Following the publication of the video, many people have gone to the Bloubosrand address that Naidoo gave to Shitlhelana which is occupied by his tenants, and he also received hundreds of messages and calls on the cell phone number that he gave to her.

JMPD officials also delivered a stack of unpaid fines incurred by Naidoo to the address.

Naidoo later turned to Twitter to apologise for his behaviour, but insisted that he would lodge a complaint against Shitlhelana for her conduct during the altercation.

Here is the full video of Clive Naidoo vs Laurencia Shitlhelana altercation:

House Music South Africa’s Blue H Commercial

Attention: all house music fans in South Africa! If you love house music, there’s only one place to go… House Music South Africa is a site dedicated to bringing you the latest content and releases from the world of house music.

The site is professionally run and is regularly updated with news regarding local and international house music trends, and the House Music SA Twitter account provides up-to-the-minute news and updates regarding the house music industry. Regular features include house pics of the week and a house music chart featuring the hottest tracks and mixes.

House Music SA also has a radio show which can be listed to via podcast on Soundcloud.

Take a look at House Music SA’s latest commercial dubbed Blue H…

Jacob Zuma Jokes about Nkandla

Watch as president Jacob Zuma jokes about Nkandla and mocks opposition parties in an address he made in parliament:

MTN Bushfire 2015 Coming up in Swaziland

bushfireExcitement is quickly growing as The Kingdom of Swaziland gears up for its largest music and arts festival of the year, MTN BUSHFIRE 2015. This internationally acclaimed 3 day festival will be taking place between 29 and 31 May 2015 at the House on Fire, in the heart of Swaziland’s Ezulwini Valley. Set against the Kingdom’s splendid landscape, MTN Bushfire attracts a diverse array of 20 000 enthusiastic visitors.

Announced this year by CNN as one of the “7 African music festivals you really have to see”, MTN BUSHFIRE celebrates creative expression whilst promoting social responsibility, stimulating the economy and drawing talent and tourists from across Africa and around the world.

Festival goers can enjoy 3 days of music, art, personal expression and social activism in a unique festival environment. The MTN BUSHFIRE Super Stage showcases the biggest international and continental artists to an energetic crowd of thousands. The Super Stage opens out onto sprawling lawns & pristine farmland with the breath-taking Mzimba Mountains rising in the background.

The House on Fire is an awe-inspiring performance area with a unique flavour. At its core, is the sunken ‘Afro-Shakespearean Globe Theatre’ that houses a range of performances and events in music, poetry, dance and others. The Ekhaya Stage celebrates the character of Swazi heritage through a colourful showcase of cultural performances, arts & cuisine. This proudly Swazi strand seeks to promote local tourism to the thousands of international visitors who visit this unique festival arena each year.

MTN BUSHFIRE is also an ideal festival for families travelling to Swaziland. MTN BUSHFIRE’s Family Programme features interactive activities that include art, theatre, storytelling, poetry and music. This programme gives families the opportunity to explore their creativity together throughout the festival weekend. In addition, the KIDZONE, a playground within the festival arena, features fairground rides, farm animals and a variety of games. Last but certainly not least, is Swaziland’s Global Food Village. The Global Food Village is a celebration of the Kingdom’s culture through the art of food. Fuel the fire in your belly when you choose from traditional Swazi delights or an array of European and Asian offerings.

If you prefer the rustic side to festivals of this nature, and enjoy camping, then the official MTN BUSHFIRE Campsite just for you. The campsite is set up and managed by All Out Africa and is conveniently located on Malandela’s Farm, 2 minutes walking distance of the festival arena. The festival campsite is located on well serviced, clean and beautiful lawns with plenty of space and 24 hour security. The site has a true festival atmosphere with people from all over the world mingling and sharing in the joys of one of Africa’s finest festivals. Campers can bring their own tent or hire one in the “tent village” and the breakfast café serves delicious food, hot drinks and healthy fruit smoothies from 7am.

For accommodation options elsewhere, only 20 minutes from House on Fire, Royal Villas provides a haven of comfort. Each of the 57 luxury guest rooms are set within 14 carefully designed and furnished with extra comfortable beds, and is fully-equipped with air-conditioning, heated towel rails, mini bars and Wi-Fi. Alternatively, situated 5 kilometres from BUSHFIRE, is Sundowners Backpackers Lodge which offers a range of budget accommodation options, from private rooms and self-catering apartments, to hostel-type dorms and camping sites.

DJ Sbu Joins Gareth Cliff’s Cliff Central

Some have labelled DJ Sbu a marketing genius, while others have criticised his efforts to market his new energy drink, MoFaya, as being irresponsible and opportunistic.

DJ Sbu is no stranger to controversy. He is one of South Africa’s most well known media personalities, and he has joined Gareth Cliff’s online radio station, Cliff Central, after being shown the door by Metro FM. His departure from Metro FM follows a Metro FM awards event, at which he punted MoFaya to the attendees.

Not one to let his departure from Metro FM get in the way of his entrepreneurial pursuits, DJ Sbu secured a prime spot on Cliff Central, and will be hosting a 1 hour show which airs on Thursdays from 9am to 10am. His MoFaya energy drink is the sponsor of the show and remains central to his efforts to expand his business pursuits.

DJ Sbu recently made news headlines after a fake Forbes Magazine cover, which featured him with a can of MoFaya energy drink, started circulating on social media. DJ Sbu distanced himself from the image, and the ensuing legal dispute between him and Forbes was amicably resolved.

There is a split in public opinion regarding whether DJ Sbu’s aggressive marketing campaign for MoFaya has crossed the line. However, what remains clear is that he has a huge base of loyal supporters and fans – his Twitter account has 432 000 followers (and growing), and he is receiving many messages of support and encouragement on social media.

The publicity and controversy generated by his efforts to market MoFaya, have put the media spotlight on the energy drink, and will undoubtedly lead to an increase in sales of the product, which has quickly become a recognisable brand.

Ultimately, the key to the success of MoFaya will be to get major retailers and supermarkets to stock it so as to make it easily accessible to the general public. This is likely to be DJ Sbu’s biggest challenge, but if he overcomes it, he is likely to be well on his way to achieving his goals with the product.

Miners Shot Down Marikana Massacre Documentary

miners shot downWe were privileged to have the opportunity to attend a screening of the award-winning Miners Shot Down Marikana massacre documentary last night – this was a privilege not only because the documentary was superbly made, but also because many South Africans will not have the opportunity to watch this hugely important documentary (given that local broadcasters SABC and ETV have declined to screen it due to its politically-charged content).

The importance of the documentary cannot be overstated – the report from the Farlam Commission of Enquiry is due for release in the coming weeks, and there has been a great deal of misinformation in the media regarding what actually took place on the fateful day of the massacre.

The documentary is presented from the perspective of the mineworkers – a perspective which has not been given its fair share of attention in terms of the media coverage of the tragedy.

The narrative traces the events in the days leading to the tragic events of 16 August 2012, when 34 miners were killed by members of the South African Police Service – apparently as a result of collusion between mining company Lonmin and influential political figures to ‘end’ a stand-off between the mineworkers and Lonmin in a wage dispute.

The documentary leaves one feeling disillusioned with the current political leadership, with a sense that there has been a huge travesty of justice, and with an acute feeling that something has to be done to right the wrongs.

The director of Miners Shot Down, Rehad Desai, was at the screening. He presented his perspective of the events at Marikana (and the current state of South Africa) after the screening.

Further screenings are planned during the coming months (which will presumably be publicised on the Miners Shot Down Facebook page and Twitter account).

The DVD of Miners Shot Down can also be purchased online – CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE DVD.

Oranjezicht City Farm – Saturday Morning Market in Cape Town

oranjezicht city farmThere’s a new Saturday morning market in Cape Town – the Oranjezicht City Farm is a market which is open on Saturdays until around lunchtime, and has become popular among locals.

We recently went to the Oranjezicht City Farm to experience it first-hand, and we were pleasantly surprised by what was on offer.

Offerings include a farmer’s market with fresh produce (including free range eggs and meat, organic veggies and various home-made jams and preserves). There are also stalls with various food items for sale, including bunless burgers, Greek food, schwarmas and various other tantalising options.

Most people go to the Oranjezicht City Farm for a morning out, and picnic on the grass with friends and family whilst enjoying food and drinks bought a the various stalls.

The Oranjezicht City Farm is located in the upmarket suburb of Oranjezicht, around the corner from Upper Kloof Road. It is directly next door to the home of Helen Zille, the Western Cape premier.

Over the past few years, many such initiatives have sprung up in Cape Town, with the first one having been the ever-popular Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock (which is also held on Saturdays and has similar offerings in terms of foodstuffs).

The Oranjezicht City Farm is relatively new, and is likely to grow further as more stalls decide to make the farm their home on Saturdays.

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