Taking South Africa to Swaziland – The Kingdom of Adventure

Located within South Africa’s borders, the trip from South Africa to Swaziland is a mere couple of hours by car. The Kingdom of Swaziland is a home away from home for all South Africans and the ideal holiday destination for the adventure seekers, the sports enthusiasts and the outdoor explorers.

Swaziland’s mountains, valleys, rivers and other natural wonders make it the ideal choice for those South Africans seeking adventure on their doorstep. Despite being the smallest country in the Southern hemisphere, Swaziland more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions and activities to explore and participate in.

Those who want to get beneath the surface of Swaziland can try caving as an innovative activity. Being ‘indoors’ however is not on everybody’s itinerary and visitors can rather experience Swaziland a few feet off the ground. Malolotaja Nature Reserve is home to Swaziland’s first and only Tree Top Canopy Tour. This is located in the
Sihlotswane Gorge, where one 50m suspension bridge and 11 wooden platforms have been ingeniously affixed to the steep sides, bringing visitors to Swaziland a world of adventure. The kingdom’s highlands, mountains and gorges also offer opportunities to both climb and descend a number of rock faces.

A wonderful way to experience a remote area of Swaziland’s real beauty and spectacular scenery is to either try tubing or white river rafting. Trips are run by Swazi Trails on the Bulungapoort section of the Usutu River, between Sidvokodvo and Siphofaneni, in the centre of Swaziland. This is a secluded and inspiring stretch of

Swaziland is a popular destination for golfing holidays and has two championship-standard 18-hole courses: the Royal Swazi Spa Golf Club and the Nkonyeni Golf Estate. This beautiful country is also an ideal destination for fishing lovers, as the sport is available at a number of dams/reservoirs and rivers around the country.

What better way to explore Swaziland’s many and varied highlands, forests, and reserves than on foot. There are paths and trails in many locations across the country allowing for hikes from a couple of hours to many days in duration, and give access to places and views that are inaccessible by vehicle. Another great way to explore Swaziland’s stunning landscapes is by mountain bike. The kingdom offers visitors spectacular mountain bike trails in a number of locations, including Mhlambanyatsi, Hawane, Hlane, Malolotja, Mbuluzi and Shewula.

Join the adventure movement on social media and keep up-to-date with the latest Kingdom of Swaziland news on the recently launched Facebook page dedicated to South Africans interested in visiting this gem.

Facebook – My Swaziland South Africa – www.facebook.com/MySwazilandSA

Online Dating with Tinder in South Africa

Tinder_logoIn recent months, there has been huge growth in the online dating industry with the launch of Tinder in South Africa. While online dating in South Africa has, for the past few years, meant sitting in front of a computer and signing up on a dating website (which generally costs a monthly fee), the introduction of the free dating app Tinder has changed the way people meet online. Now, users can install the Tinder app on their cellphone and “meet” potential matches in their area in seconds.

One of Tinder’s biggest draw cards is that it’s free. The other draw card is that when Tinder matches you up with someone, you know that person finds you attractive – the app only matches up users who have expressed an interest in each other by “Liking” each others’ profile.

This is a significant benefit, as users interact with one another in the knowledge that the other person is attracted to them (physically at least), increasing their chances of success. Although the attraction may be considered superficial (as “Liking” is primarily done based on how attractive the other person’s picture is), physical attraction is an important element in any budding romance.

Tinder is primarily used in many first world countries (such as the US, the UK and Europe) as a hook-up app. However, South Africans are generally more conservative, and the app is primarily used locally as a way of meeting new people for purposes of dating (with a minority of local users using it for hook-ups).

The app is also a great way of meeting new people in different countries – when travelling, the app will display users who are close to your location and will match you with locals from the area who have “Liked” your profile.

While online dating is a relatively new phenomenon in South Africa, and the stigma attached to meeting someone in cyberspace is decreasing as Tinder makes it more socially acceptable to do so. It is not uncommon for someone standing around a braai with friends, to chat about their recent date with someone they met on Tinder.

Huge Petrol Price Decrease in January 2015

There will be a huge petrol price decrease in January 2015, with the price of 93 octane petrol set to drop by R1.27 per litre and 95 octane petrol set to drop by R1.23 per litre with effect from Wednesday, 7 January 2015.

This price drop of around 10% will see the petrol price dropping to close to R11 per litre, and is the biggest price drop in recent history.

The drop is largely the result of weakening oil prices, with the price of crude oil dropping to lows of under $60 per barrel in December 2014. The oil price hit its lowest level in the past six years.

The petrol price decrease is likely to impact positively on inflation, and relieve the financial pressure faced by many consumers.

Airbnb in Johannesburg

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There is a growing number of listings on the popular accommodation website Airbnb in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Although Johannesburg is not a particularly popular travel destination in South Africa (especially when compared with Cape Town), many travellers to South Africa pass through Johannesburg for few days when flying in and out of South Africa.

As a result, the accommodation market is growing, and there are over 600 active listings for accommodation on Airbnb in Johannesburg ranging from rooms in apartments, to entire apartments, cottages and houses.

Prices for accommodation range from as little as R250 per person per night (for a private room) to R10 000 per night for a large, luxurious house which accommodates a big group of travellers. The average listing price is around R600 – R800 per night.

Generally, travellers are able to save some money by Airbnb’íng, as prices are slightly lower (and in some cases, much lower) than comparable hotel accommodation.

Anybody can list accommodation on the site easily and quickly, whether their motivation is to make a bit of extra money from unused space, or to start a more serious business venture in the accommodation industry.

It should be noted, however, that Airbnb is not a get-rich-quick scheme. An Airbnb listing takes time to gain popularity as the system is review-based, and listings become more popular over time as hosts’ positive reviews accumulate. This helps guests to know which listings are accurate and make informed choices, based on previous guests’ reviews regarding the listing they are considering booking.

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Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce Flavoured Potato Chips ROARRRS with delicious flavour

Simba All Gold Tomato Sa...Flavoured Potato Chips (2)Simba has once again teamed up with another South African legend to launch Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce flavoured potato chips, offering fans additional variety within the great tasting Simba potato chip range.

Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce delivers an authentic South African taste experience. Combining the flavoursome balanced sweet and sour taste of All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour with the delicious Simba quality that fans have come to expect, which creates an ideal sharing snack to enhance family fun times.

Bold iconic flavours are fast becoming a Simba tradition. The latest offering follows on the heels of other popular flavour introductions including; Simba Nandos Peri-Peri flavoured potato chips, Simba Mrs HS Balls Chutney flavoured potato chips as well as Simba Steers Monkey Gland Sauce flavoured potato chips.

For Simba it’s all about ‘Mapha’ – sharing, the delicious flavour, quality and freshness found in every pack of Simba potato chips. Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce flavoured potato chips present the perfect opportunity to Mapha!

Both Simba and All Gold Tomato Sauce are long standing South African favourites, who spark memories of shared family moments. Entrenched in the heritage of the South African landscape, Simba has continued to provide a scrumptious flavour experience for over 57 years, while All Gold has celebrated over 100 years of cramming the best
quality tomatoes in each bottle for all South Africans to enjoy.

Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce flavoured potato chips are available nationwide in the large bag 125g and small bag 36g packets, at a recommended selling price of R 4,99 and R 10,00 respectively.

For more information on Simba and the new Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce Flavoured Potato Chips visit www.simba.co.za

John Wick Movie Review

15 years. That’s how long ago Keanu Reeves starred in the role that he is best known for: that of Neo in The Matrix. When we were invited to the preview of John Wick which stars Reeves in the leading role, we had fairly low expectations.

We went in with the view that given the huge success of The Matrix trilogy, and the fact that nearly 2 decades have passed since the first Matrix movie, it would be unfair to expect him to deliver a ground-breaking performance.

We were wrong.

The movie is best described as a slick action-packed roller coaster of fight scenes and shoot-outs, and Reeves definitely delivers everything an action-junkie could want.

Reeves plays the role of John Wick, an ex-killer who is dragged back into the dark underworld of contract killings after the death of his wife.

The movie is well worth watching, and we give it a rating of 8/10.

Check out the trailer here:

South African Alice Phoebe Lou Becomes Viral Internet Superstar

It is always exciting when South African-bred talent makes it on the world stage. Singer and songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou was born in Kommetjie in the Western Cape, and her performance at TEDx Berlin has caused quite a stir on the internet.

The YouTube video received nearly 90 000 hits in less than a week, and her Facebook page (facebook.com/alicephoebeloumusic) received almost 15 000 likes.

She is heading to New York this week to perform at a show on Friday, and our prediction is that she will make huge waves on the international music scene in the next few months – watch this space!

Here is the video of her performance at TEDx Berlin:

Amazing Cape Town Zipline Footage

A new Cape Town zipline has opened to the public at Silvermist Estate between Hout Bay and Constantia.

The zipline includes a number of segment which make, in total, a length of 2.3km. The longest and highest one is a hair-raising 500 meters long and 155 meters above the ground.

For adventure junkies who decide to “take the leap”, a guide takes zipliners in a Land Rover up into the mountains, where the roads are so rough that normal vehicles can’t gain access.

They then start with shorter segments of the zipline, and increasingly go on more challenging and adrenaline-pumping segments, ending off with the longest one which is half a kilometer in length.

The addition of the zipline will add to the various tourist attractions which draw thousands of international visitors to Cape Town every year. Other activities on offer in the Cape Town area for adrenaline junkies include shark-cage diving, and bungy jumping from Broukrans Bridge, the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge.

Here’s some amazing footage of the Cape Town zipline:

Free Calls on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile South Africa’s (VMSA) highly anticipated new product proposition offers free calls on Virgin Mobile (to other Virgin Mobile customers) to all its contract and prepaid customers.

After months of media speculation about the pioneering mobile virtual network operator’s (MVNO) next move, CEO Anton Landman revealed a new tiered offering, which will go live from 1 November 2014.

The proposition covers prepaid, post-paid and top-up contracts.

Post-paid and top-up deals include free Virgin to Virgin (V2V) minutes that are valid for calls made to other Virgin Mobile SA numbers. The monthly quantity equates to the subscription value of the contract, up to R499. On contract values over R499, subscribers get a flat 1000 free V2V minutes.

Virgin Mobile’s prepaid offering, V2V Booster, offers up to 100% back on the face value on recharge vouchers of R35 and more. So, for instance, vouchers of R35 to R49 include 35 free V2V minutes, and ones of R120 to R179 include 120 free V2V minutes.

Landman explains the thinking behind the new offering. “We have set ourselves the target of one million subscribers in the next three years, and this is just one of the ways we intend achieving this,” he says.

“In a cluttered market where mobile operators fight for every inch of competitive advantage and the market is flooded with a myriad of complex offerings, there is little room for more of the same,” he says. “So we’re creating our own space in the industry with simple, high-value offerings that cannot be easily replicated.”

Virgin Mobile maintains a strong focus on data and has added generous data inclusions on all of its contract and top up packages.  Landman says that intense market competition surrounding data was another consideration for Virgin Mobile’s focus on voice differentiation. The thinking behind pushing voice as a key differentiator with this proposition also links back to Virgin Mobile’s values around family and community.

“It’s the beauty of voice, mobile as it should be. There are things that you just can’t say with text. Insights show that on average most consumers have a handful of close people that they talk to on a regular basis making up their community. V2V offers South Africans the opportunity to indulge in a real conversation with their community without concerns about costs.”

“This offering will allow us to attract additional customers who know and love the Virgin brand and how we go about things. By honing in on this key market we can adopt a focused product and brand strategy going forward delivering on the specific needs of our target audience.”

The V2V promotion will run for the next three months, effective from 1 November 2014, giving all new subscribers access to free V2V minutes.  Anyone signing a new contract in the promotional period can enjoy the benefits of free Virgin to Virgin calls for the duration of their contract.

Petrol Price Decrease in November 2014

Petrol PriceThere will be a large petrol price decrease in November 2014, with the price of petrol set to drop by 45 cents a litre with effect from Wednesday, 5 November 2014.

The decrease is largely due to a decrease in the oil price, which traded at levels of around $85 a barrel in October 2014. A further decrease may be on the cards in December 2014 if the Rand remains stable and the oil price remains at low levels.

The drop is good news for over-indebted consumers, particularly given that it comes close to the festive season when spending habits change and the risk of over spending increases.

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