US Airways Tweets NSFW Tweet

us airways nsfw tweetUS Airways shared an extremely graphic NSFW tweet depicting a picture of a customer with a toy airplane strategically placed in her nether region.

The customer in question was complaining about US Airways’ poor service, and in the tweet, the airline said “We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail here for review and follow up”. Clearly the airline did not notice that the woman had sent the picture with her feedback, and inadvertently shared the picture with its thousands of twitter followers.

The tweet remained online for almost an hour before US Airways noticed the issue, and had already been retweeted and shared on the internet. In a subsequent tweet, the airline apologised for sharing the photo by sending out the following tweet: “We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared, as a link in one of our responses. We’ve removed the tweet and are investigating.”

Given the inadvertent sharing of the tweet, the customer’s complaint will definitely have come to the attention of senior management at the airline!

If you absolutely have to see the uncensored version of the picture, be warned that it is very NSFW. It can be viewed HERE (don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

New Cycling Routes Planned for Johannesburg

cycling laneCycling has gained momentum in recent years as a popular pastime among Johannesburg’s residents. There are a number of recreational mountain biking routes that have gained popularity, including the Spruit route between Craighall Park and Emmarentia Dam, Northern Farm and routes in Modderfontein. However, a lack of infrastructure has prevented cycling from transforming from a recreational activity to a viable form of daily transport for Johannesburg’s residents. The good news is that there are new cycling routes planned for Johannesburg, with cycling lanes likely to be built in urban areas during the next 6 years.

A feasibility study is reportedly being undertaken for a 20km cycling route to be built from Rosebank to Sandton through Melrose Arch and Parkview. The results of the study are due to be published in around September this year.

If it becomes a reality, the project will involve the building of separate cycling paths along the roads, as well as the installation of signage, lighting and benches. The plan also involves integating the cycling route with existing public transport routes, including installing safe bicycle storage facilities at Gautrain, Metrorail and Rea Vaya stations. This will allow people to travel by bike up to a certain point, and to use public transport from that point to their destinations. From a safety perspective, the plan is for lighting to be upgraded and CCTV surveillance to be installed.

One of the biggest challenges to the viability of the system, is the attitude of drivers – if drivers don’t respect the right of cyclists to share the roads and adjust their driving accordingly, cyclists will be at risk of being injured or killed in accidents. Unless steps are taken to address this, this risk is likely to deter many people from using the system as a daily means of transport. It would therefore be important for the launch of the cycling routes to be accompanied by a campaign to sensitise other road-users to the need to be considerate towards cyclists.

We will bring you more regarding the project as soon as further details become available.

DA Advert Banned by SABC Goes Viral

Advertising on television is a costly business. With the national election drawing near, the larger political parties are reaching deep into their pockets and spending hundreds of thousands of Rands on prime time radio and television adverts. The DA’s advertising campaign includes adverts relating to corruption, e-tolls, the Nkandla scandal and the Marikana massacre, with its adverts aiming to highlight what the DA believes reflects the ANC’s poor leadership. A DA advert banned by SABC has made headlines today, and the Youtube video of the advert has gone viral as a result of the banning.

It seems that the DA has benefited from the banning – they got a huge amount of free advertising: it cost the DA nothing to upload a video on Youtube, and the media attention that the advert received as a result of the SABC’s decision to ban it, drew attention to the Youtube video of the advert and made it go viral, racking up nearly 200 000 views in a period of 5 days.

The SABC claims that its reason for banning the advert was that it has the potential to incite violence. Skeptics believe that there is more to the decision – the SABC is funded by public money channeled from our taxes through the ANC government.

The DA has launched a challenge against the SABC’s decision to ban the advert with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and the outcome of ASA’s decision will be known shortly.

It seems that the best way to get free advertising is to make a mildly controversial advert and hope that it gets banned – the public can’t resist “forbidden fruit”. Once an advert is banned, that instantly creates intrigue and draws attention to the advert, resulting in the public seeking out ways to watch the advert out to see what the fuss is all about.

You can watch the DA advert banned by SABC here:

Burger King in Durban at The Pavilion Shopping Centre

Yet another exciting feature of the Pavilion Shopping Centre’s upgrade has been revealed when the new food court began serving up a wide variety of culinary treats this month, including burgers and other fast food from the first Burger King in Durban.

The food court has been taking shape behind the scenes in the Cinema Level and forms part of an exciting new entertainment node with a new double volume glass entrance and additional parking bays.

The entertainment node began with the opening of the new Nu Metro Cinema complex late last year. In addition to giving existing cinemas a face lift, Nu Metro launched four new ones, including 2 luxurious Scene cinemas which not only provide comfortable leather recliners but also allow patrons to enjoy a drink or light meal as part of the experience.

Nisha Kemraj, the General Manager of The Pavilion, said the food court caters for both movie goers and shoppers who are looking for a quick bite to eat, a day out with the family or that all important quality time with that special someone.

Aside from the first Burger King in Durban,  new eateries that make up the food court include existing favourites such as Café Gitano, Mimmos, Debonairs Pizza, Steers, Subway, Ocean Basket, KFC, Kansas Spur, Sausage Saloon, as well as newcomers such as Adega, Anat, Coconut Grove, Eatwise, Fishaways, My Diners, Jimmy’s Killer Grill, RJ’s, Galaxy Grill House and Simply Asia.

Sweet treats and a welcome cool drink or ice cream are available from Sweets from Heaven, Brittans Sweets and Milky Lane which are already popular in the mall as well as new comers Cups and Cones, Boost Juice, Filo Yoghurt, and I Drink Bubble Milk Tea.

We are excited about the introduction of the Fun Company to the entertainment offering. The Fun Company specialises in action-packed activities such as Superbowling (tenpin bowling), arcade games and Spin Zone bumper cars and even includes a sports bar.

As Kemraj explains, this is interactive all-round family entertainment at its best with something for everyone, regardless of age, “Value is the most important aspect in today’s retail market remains top of mind for our
customers. We share a common goal with our retailers – to make shopping a fun and fulfilling experience and attract more customers on a continual basis. We’re going all out to completely redefine our customers’ shopping experiences,” she said.

#NotABugSplat Artwork to Convince Drone Pilots Not to Shoot

notabugsplatThere is a project called #NotABugSplat in Northern Pakistan which involves the use of an artwork to convince drone pilots not to shoot in areas where civilians are present. The artwork depicts a giant portrait of a young girl in an open field. The subject of the portrait is a girl who was reportedly orphaned by a drone strike which killed her parents in Pakistan.

Interestingly, the artwork was not installed in an area where drone strikes are common, and did not remain intact after its installation – parts of it were removed by local villages who used it for building material. The portrait was deliberately made using materials that could be used by the villagers for building purposes.

The artwork was therefore not actually aimed at being physically visible to drones flying over Pakistan, but was symbolic – it was aimed at being photographed in order for the #NotABugSplat project to “go viral” on the internet. Ultimately, the aim is to raise awareness regarding civilian casualties resulting from drone strikes.

A dozen further #NotABugSplat artwork installations will be installed around Pakistan in the coming weeks, and while they may not be installed in areas where they are visible to actual drone pilots, the internet has caused the #NotABugSplat message to spread even more widely than this.

Show where your heart lies with Tekkie Tax

tekkie taxTekkie Tax is an annual fundraising campaign for a large mix of  carefully selected welfare organisations, schools and institutions in South Africa.

NGOs which are accountable, reliable and have a history of good service, have been chosen as beneficiaries of this campaign.

The first Tekkie Tax campaign took place in 2013 and a whopping R2.4 million was raised. More than 180 local NGOs participated. The message was clear; everybody loved the campaign and Tekkie Tax is here to stay! After a successful audit in October, all proceeds were distributed in November 2013.

Tekkie Tax will take place on 30 May 2014.

During the month of April and May, members of the public will be asked to get a Tekkie Tax sticker for a R10 donation from any of the participating outlets or participating welfare organisations.

There are 5 different kinds of stickers, each representing a beneficiary sector.

People will be able to choose which of the 5 sectors they would like to support (Animals, Basic Family Care, Children, Disability or Education) by buying one of those sector’s stickers.

It’s as easy as…

  • Get permission from your office to participate in the Tekkie Tax campaign on Friday, 30 May 2014
  • Promote the campaign with our free publicity material: posters and brochures to ensure that each person in the office will know about the campaign and gladly participate
  • Choose the beneficiary sector(s) you and your colleagues would like to support and get the appropriate stickers: Animals, Basic Family Care, Children, Disability or Education. Ensure that each of your colleagues have one
  • Now that you each have a sticker, show the world where your heart lies by wearing your sticker and your favourite pair of tekkies on Friday, 30 May 2014.

The campaign is endorsed by some of the biggest and most accountable NGOs in the country such as Child Welfare SA, SOS Children’s Villages, Special Olympics SA, Hospice, Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC) and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to name but a few.

All beneficiary organisations render a service in South Africa. They have been carefully selected and handpicked to ensure that no matter which sector your choose to support, your donation will be used in the best possible way.

Skrillex Ragga Bomb Music Video Shot in Johannesburg

Earlier this week, we featured the version of the music video for the Pharrell Williams song Happy, which was shot in Cape Town. Now it’s Jozi’s turn to shine with the Skrillex Ragga Bomb music video shot in Johannesburg.

The video focuses on the unsavory underbelly of Jozi’s streets, and follows a group of recyclers (the guys you often see on the streets Johannesburg pulling a cart full of cardboard or other recyclable material) as they move through the city streets and through a township.

It also features dance sequences in abandoned buildings in Johannesburg’s inner city, as well as Pantsula dancers in overalls in the township streets. Oh, and if that’s not enough, it even has a fight sequence with Star Wars style light-sabres thrown in for good measure at the end.

Watch the video here…

Towed in a Kayak by Hammerhead Shark

With the advent of the GoPro and other miniature and outdoor cameras, fishermen can no longer exaggerate about the size of their catch. Fortunately for Adam Fisk, a 22 year old angler, there is no need to exaggerate – his catch was the real deal. Then angler in Orlando, Florida got more than he bargained for when he hooked an 11-foot hammerhead shark while fishing alone in the ocean in his Kayak. Fisk was recording his fishing trip using a head mounted camera when he hooked the moster. The footage shows him being towed in a kayak by hammerhead shark.

At one point, Fisk dunked the camera into the water and recorded the shark swimming ahead of the kayak.

It is estimated that the shark pulled his kayak for a distance of about 20 km, and at two points after the shark was hooked, it turned directly towards the kayak and swam straight ahead.

Here’s a clip from the video taken by Fisk.

Pharrell Williams Happy Video Shot in Cape Town

A number of music videos have been made for Pharrell Williams’ latest catchy track, Happy, which has been doing the rounds on the airwaves and getting a huge amount of airplay in recent weeks. The music videos were shot in different counties and cities around the world, and each video showcases what that city has to offer. The South African version of the video was shot in the Mothercity, and has been racking up views on Youtube. Here is the Pharrell Williams Happy video shot in Cape Town…

Other cities that are featured in other versions of the video include Lima (Peru), Mumbai (India), Zupanja (Croatia) and a number of others. The videos don’t feature Pharrell himself, and feature locals from each location where they are shot.

Aside from the Cape Town version, one of our favorites is the version shot in Mumbai, India. Here it is for your viewing pleasure…

Do you prefer the Cape Town version or the Mumbai version?

Soul Candi 2014 Spring Fiesta Announced

Soul Candi has announced exciting news regarding the Soul Candi 2014 Spring Fiesta, which will be the 4th Annual Spring Fiesta. This year’s event promises to have a star-studded line-up, outdoing its predecessors. The team announced that this ultimate spring celebration will be taking place at the Wild Waters Complex in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni on Saturday, 4th October 2014.

Soul Candi’s Spring Fiesta has seen great success over the past three years with the 2013 event catering to over 13,000 festival goers! The organizers of the event have already started finalizing the details for 2014, hoping to break records in attendance, entertainment and overall satisfaction of all festival fans.

Working hard to achieve this, Spring Fiesta 2014 will host over 60 local and international DJs across 6 diversified stages. These stages include:

o Soul Candi LIVE (Main Stage)

o We Live Hip Hop (hosted by Sphectacula & DJ Naves)

o What About Soul (hosted by Lulo Café)

o Old Skool vs New Skool (hosted by DJ Franky)

o African Storm (hosted by The Admiral & Jahseed)

Offering a wide scope of genres from the best acts in the South African music industry, there is no doubt that each segment of the musically-mad youth market is guaranteed an experience that will exceed their expectations.

The 6th stage featured at this year’s Spring Fiesta is one which lays the foundation for future musical sensations. For the first time, a “Generation Next” stage will be set up, showcasing the freshest talent on offer. This stage will not only feature the winner from the 2013 DJ Search but will also promote a further FOUR WINNERS from the 2014 Competition. With the goal of discovering new and fresh talent, this year’s Spring Fiesta DJ Competition will start in April 2014.

The Spring Fiesta organisers aren’t ready to share all the juicy details just yet! Keep an eye out (and your ears perfectly tuned) for further details regarding the international headliners, the complete local line-up and the
all-important ticket information. More announcements should be made from June 2014.

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