Oppikoppi Beer Drone Video

Here’s another reason to feel bad that you’re missing out on the Oppikoppi festival this weekend at Northam in Limpopo: Party-goers at the festival are being treated to free beer, courtesy of the Oppikoppi beer drone, a flying robot which delivers beer to them. The Oppikoppi beer drone video shows the device in action.

Using advanced technology, users place an order for beer using their cell phones, and the system picks up their location via GPS. The beer drone is then deployed to fly above them and drop a glass of beer from the sky.

The drone was built in South Africa, and is nicknamed Manna, after the biblical story about bread falling from the sky to feed the Israelites who were travelling through the desert after leaving from Egypt.

Now, this is what drones should be used for!

Here’s a video of the beer drone doing its thing:

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  1. sjaak says:

    I like the music Who is it?

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